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How can drivers prove fault after a crash caused by someone else?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If people generally followed the law, car crashes would be a much less common occurrence across Illinois. Unfortunately, motorists very frequently break the law and put others at risk by doing so. Many people try to avoid personal responsibility when they cause crashes. In some cases, they might even lie after causing a crash and try to put the blame on someone else.

When a police officer comes to put together a crash report, the driver who ran a red light or had a phone in their hand before the crash may intentionally misrepresent the circumstances. They may try to claim that the other driver was to blame for the wreck.

How can someone prove that another driver was to blame for a motor vehicle collision?

Obtain camera footage

There are cameras all over if people know where to look. Many drivers have installed dashboard cameras in their vehicles to help them handle this exact scenario. Even if the driver involved in the crash doesn’t have a dashboard camera, someone nearby might. Additionally, there are traffic cameras, including red light cameras, installed all over the area. There may also be security cameras that businesses or homes that capture footage of the crash or the moments leading up to it. Police officers and attorneys representing people filing lawsuits can potentially obtain camera footage from people not involved in the collision.

Collect witness testimony

If there are no cameras to provide objective evidence, then the subjective testimony of other people could be helpful. Other drivers and people on the street could potentially help affirm someone’s claim that another driver did something negligent or illegal immediately before the crash.

Recreate the collision

Evidence gathered at the scene of a collision could help prove what caused the collision later. If someone records video footage or takes photos of the scene of the crash right after it occurs, there are professionals who can recreate the collision using that information. They could theoretically create a realistic timeline establishing how the other driver’s actions caused the wreck.

Although it can take some work, proving who was actually at fault is crucial to a successful compensation claim after a motor vehicle collision. Establishing fault is a key part of the insurance claim or civil litigation process after a crash.