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Your Options After Catastrophic Workplace Amputation Injuries

Amputation injuries are some of the most severe injuries workers can suffer on the job. They can have life-altering ramifications and may mean an employee can never return to the workforce. The emergency medical treatment after an amputation often leads to extensive medical bills. When combined with lost wages and a lost earning capacity, the economic impact on a worker’s life cannot be overstated.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, our attorneys at Ori Law Group help injured workers get the workers’ comp benefits they deserve after an amputation injury. Our experienced team has the knowledge and dedication necessary to navigate a complex situation and ensure that all workers get the representation they deserve during such a challenging time. You’re not alone.

How Do Amputation Injuries Happen?

Every year in the United States, roughly 185,000 people suffer amputation injuries. These can vary in severity and location, with amputations affecting hands, feet, fingers, toes and more. Some of these amputations are clean injuries that may allow for reconstruction, but others are crush injuries that are far more difficult to treat.

Amputation injuries can happen to construction workers, warehouse workers, mechanics and many who work in the trades. Many workplace accidents can lead to amputations, particularly for those working with malfunctioning heavy machinery and power tools, like table saws, circular saws, conveyor belts, trenching equipment and much more. Power tools are useful, but a serious injury only takes a split second.

Additionally, many amputation injuries happen in motor vehicle accidents – such as semi-truck accidents – which could occur while someone is on the clock. These amputation injuries are often due to blunt force trauma during the crash, making them more likely to be costly and complex crush injuries.

Contact Experienced Amputation Injury Lawyers In Chicago

At Ori Law Group, our team has 75 combined years of invaluable experience to help you with your claim. An amputation can change your life forever. If it happened at work, you deserve proper compensation. Call us today at 312-985-0299 or reach out online to learn more about your options and how we can help you navigate this complicated process.