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When An Accident Is Fatal

Losing a loved one suddenly is jolting at best and, often, devastating for an entire family. Sometimes the cause of a sudden death is a car accident, workplace injury or a fall or violent act on public or private property.

In fatality cases, surviving close family members first grapple with the common question, “Why?” Soon thereafter come questions of, “How?” How will the family pay for final medical bills and for funeral and burial costs? How will household income be affected by the loss of the deceased person’s previous contributions? If there are minor children, how will gaps in their upbringing be overcome despite the loss of a parent?

A wrongful death claim can provide justice as well as answers to some of those questions. At Ori Law Group, we represent people in Chicago and nationwide in accidental death cases. We are fatal accident attorneys who truly care about your family’s recovery.

Things To Consider About A Loved One’s Accidental Death

The total costs of the accident itself may depend on how much time passes before a seriously injured person dies. As a spouse or parent of the deceased person, you may be left with substantial medical bills to pay. Your wrongful death claim should account for these.

A key question to answer after a fatal accident is who is qualified to bring a wrongful death claim. A spouse or a parent of a minor child may be an obvious answer, but what about a domestic partner or an adult child of the person who died? To resolve any doubts, request a free consultation with an attorney who can evaluate your case in line with laws in Illinois or elsewhere say about wrongful death lawsuits.

As for what amount of money you can anticipate for wrongful death compensation, much will depend on the skill and experience of your plaintiff’s attorney. As highly qualified lawyers at Ori Law Group, we will investigate in detail to put a dollar amount on your claim or lawsuit. Our investigation will include gathering input from professionals such as occupational specialists and child psychologists, as appropriate.

Get Free Answers And Assistance Now

You and your family may be busy preparing for a funeral and readjusting to life after the loss of your next of kin. We are caring, talented attorneys with abundant experience handling wrongful death cases. We can begin by unobtrusively gathering information behind the scenes without disturbing you and your family at this difficult time.

To schedule a free consultation with a wrongful death lawyer at Ori Law Group in Chicago, call 312-985-0299 or send an email inquiry.