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Chicago Lawyers Representing People Injured By Defective Products

Unfortunately, dangerous and defective consumer products sold to the public cause vast numbers of injuries every year. These products range from food and household goods to tools, appliances, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and their components, and more.

Manufacturers and their distributors of products produced and sold to the public are responsible for ensuring that they are safe for use as directed. Where proof of manufacturer negligence is shown to be the cause of consumer injury, this situation falls under “product liability” laws.

At Ori Law Group, our competent legal team is well-versed in product liability laws and how to hold negligent entities responsible in personal injury claims and lawsuits. When dealing with large corporations that have huge financial resources and their own legal teams dedicated to fighting liability, it is essential that you work with an experienced and skilled trial lawyer. Our team of proven litigators have the ability to mount well-constructed claims in such cases seeking the compensation to which you are entitled.

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About Product Liability

Product liability falls under state law designed to protect the public from defective products that cause harm when used as directed. The manufacturers of products are required to make them to meet ordinary expectations of safety and effectiveness. When these products contain some kind of defect or prove to be dangerous, it is considered that they fail that standard.

Liable parties in product liability cases may include the makers of the product’s component parts, the factory that assembled it and/or wholesalers and retailers that sold it. Product defects are categorized into three types as follows:

  • Design defects: The original design of the product contained within it a flaw that made it unsafe.
  • Manufacturing defects: How it was manufactured or assembled was faulty.
  • Marketing defects: Improper labeling, missing or poor directions for use, or deficient safety warnings can be cause for liability.

To summarize sample scenarios, if an injury was caused by any of the following, the injured consumer may have grounds to bring a product liability case:

  • A patient taking medication prescribed by a doctor and issued by a pharmacy or over the counter
  • A motorist operating a car with defective brakes or airbags
  • A child’s use of toys, sports gear or similar products that contained toxic lead levels

Legal claims under product liability law can be made against the manufacturer, based on negligence or warranty breaches or on the basis of strict liability regardless of their intent.

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