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Chicago Attorneys For People Hurt In Train, Aviation And Boating Accidents

Serious injuries and wrongful death can occur anywhere and involve any mode of transportation. In addition to car, truck and motorcycle accidents, motor vehicle accidents also include those involving planes, trains and boats. Accidents on public transportation are dangerous and deadly not only because of the number of people at risk but because of their dynamics.

Airplanes pose the threat of dying in a crash landing as do trains traveling at high speeds which can derail. Boat passengers face the prospect of drowning as well as hypothermia in icy waters. The risk of acute injury and death is extremely high when crashes occur and you are traveling at sea, in the air or by train.

Train, aviation and boating accidents are legally complex. They can involve large corporations and their well-funded insurers that are anxious to limit their liability and avoid reputational harm. These companies often have large legal staffs devoted to protecting them against claims of negligence. Fighting large companies over compensation for motor vehicle accidents requires proven legal skills, knowledge and resources. You will find the caliber of representation that you seek at Ori Law Group in Chicago. Our clients come to us from throughout the U.S.

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Our talented team is well-equipped to represent you when you have been harmed in a transportation accident caused by the negligence of an individual, such as a pilot or captain, or a corporate enterprise that failed to protect passengers.

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Accidents On Airplanes

Aviation accidents can affect passengers and crews on commercial flights as well as people traveling in private planes and helicopters. Accidents are commonly due to equipment or mechanical failures, such as engine or other component part failures. These may be attributed to manufacturing defects or poor maintenance. They may also be caused by error on the part of pilots, air traffic controllers, or others involved in business of flying.

These are complex cases that require intensive investigation and research. Aviation specialists and other experts are commonly needed to determine that cause of the accident and millions of dollars may be at stake where multiple injuries or deaths have occurred.

Train Accidents

Train accidents are also legally complex and may involve many forms of negligence as well as large corporate entities that put huge resources into avoiding liability. Errors on the part of train engineers, train and equipment manufacturers, or the railroad company are frequent causes.

Negligence may be in the form of poor maintenance of the trains, tracks, or train platforms and stations, non-operating crossing signal warnings, poorly-lit trains, negligent security, and more. Whether you were a passenger or railroad worker, if you were injured in a train accident or lost a loved one because of such an accident, you should take action. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, loss of income, and other financial relief based on your relationship with the railroad company.

Boating Accidents

Boat operators are expected to take reasonable precautions to avoid accidents and injuries for their passengers. While some accidents are caused by outside sources, such as severe weather, many are due to the negligence of individuals or equipment manufacturers.

Negligence-based boating accidents can involve:

  • Operators failing to pay attention
  • “Improper lookout,” which means failing to maintain awareness of the potential risks of danger from other boaters, jet skiers, radio communications or other hazard
  • Speeding
  • Poorly trained or inexperienced operators
  • Drug or alcohol-impaired boaters
  • Equipment failure
  • Violations of navigational rules

If any type of negligence caused your injuries in a boating accident, you may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable for your damages.

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